American Airlines Golf Bags Allowances and Costs

American Airlines Golf Bags Allowances and Costs

You can travel with 1 golf bag with up to:

  • 14 golf clubs
  • 12 golf balls
  • 1 pair of golf shoes

Please note that you cannot travel with swingless golf club load strips.

You’ll be charged the same fee as the 1st or 2nd baggage fee of your destination. If you have excess baggage, you’ll be charged the excess fee for each item you travel with.

If you are traveling to, through or from Brazil, you’ll be charged $42.50 for your golf equipment.

If the golf bag contains anything other than the approved items then additional oversize and overweight charges will apply. You may be asked to open your bag at the airport.

Maximum weight and size

50 lbs.

The American Airline website is rather hectic when it comes to baggage, however you can expect to pay from $0 - $100 depending on how many bags you are checking through.

Cost $0 - $100