What to claim for lost, delayed or damaged golf bags on overseas flights


If you get on a plane and your baggage (normal or golf baggage) ends up being delayed, damaged or totally lost, then who is responsible: you?, your insurance or the airline? What rules apply when you’re flying between different countries – and what happens if you don’t have travel insurance?

Airlines (carriers) now all  include baggage requirements in their terms and conditions of carriage, which are set out or referred to on your ticket.. (most tickets being online these days)  These are the rules that apply to the journey that you have booked.

But for international flights, a carrier’s liability for damage, loss or delay of baggage is governed by a number of overarching international treaties, which many passengers aren’t aware of.



If your golf luggage is found to be damaged on arrival in the baggage hall you will need to go to the relevant luggage handling counter at the airport (usually
identified by the airline you have travelled with).

You need to ask them for a PIR form – Property Irregularity Report.

Please remember the airlines are responsible for the bags that they allow you
to check in.

The airlines are then obliged to contact you to discuss the damage and their
recourse could/should take the form of a new replacement flight cover. Or
compensation to the value of the flight cover. It may help if you take a picture
of the damage at the time.


We have a list of numbers to call if your luggage is damaged or lost at the airport. Take a look at our Airline Guide